25 May 2018

Careers – Ruby on Rails – May 25, 2018

25 May 2018
Ruby on Rails Developer - Contract Position

Euphoria Interactive has built platforms to help people connect. We are growing and we are looking for another ruby on rails developer. We are a small team, working at building the best technology solutions. We are easygoing, flexible, but focused and get the work done very efficiently. We are looking for a ruby on rails developer to build out functionality of our platform www.sponsorcircle.com.

So, is this for you? You are:

  • Fun to work with. Bring your full nerdiness to the office…or your dog if you like. We work in an amazing heritage building in downtown Toronto that is inspiring to work in.
  • Awesome, passionate and nice. With 5 years hands-on experience developing enterprise apps and exposure to data analytics products, you bring expertise in Ruby-on-Rails and other open source tech such as Go, Docker, ElasticSearch and PostgreSQL.
  • great collaborator and like to work with others or on your own depending on the project requirements.
  • an innovator and like to figure out complex problems and put together a cohesive solution and communicate it well to your colleagues.
  • Live in Toronto (mostly work from our office)


  • 5 years Rails experience
  • MySQL
  • Javascript


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